Liebherr Hs 8130 Hd

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EE Industry Equipment

Breite Straße 4, Lemgo - 32657 Bingen am Rhein, Germania (Germania)
+491 Arata numarul
Vanzator pe site din 2018 Dealer

EE Industry Equipment

Breite Straße 4, Lemgo - 32657 Bingen am Rhein, Germania (Germania)
+491 Arata numarul
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    iunie 2016
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Information in English
Type: Mobile crane
Mileage: 1.000
Field of application: Construction

Against weight: 30 T \n
CE \n
Grue Liebherr HS 8130 HD - Year 2016 \n
Basic Machine \n
Engine turret equiped with a S0SKw diesel \n
stage 4/Tier 4F \n
with counterweights of 29.3 t Frame 8130 HD-B7 \n
VRM \n
t elescopic \n
wi th a wired remote control \n
4/Tier 4F \n
2-web grousers D9G \n
1'000 \n
35T main winch with tailspin \n
Cable of lifting antigiratoring 240 m \n
30- 36 mm \n
1' 960 N/mm2 Finish paint following the demand of the customer \n
Standardtools \n
Mainboom \n
Actives anti-reverse support Support frames for boom (2018) Boom-foot 7 m {2018.33} \n
Element inter 3 m + steel shroud (2018.33) Element inter 6 m + steel shroud (2018.33) \n
Arrowhead 7 m \n
steel shrouds \n
3+3 pulleys {2018.33) \n
Specifics packages \n
Litronic control system Shrouds synchronization \n
Crane mode \n
Hook 35 t (36mm) \n
LIDAT with a diagnostic in distance 1 \n
Auto-erection systems \n
TelescopicJack-up systems (adaptable on the frame of HS8130) 1 \n
Cylinders for the implantation of counterweights 1 \n
Service \n
Supplement of hydraulic oil plus Liebherr (bio and lang period) 1 \n
Hydraulic oil Liebherr Plus ISO VG 46 (32-68) long period + bio \n
Application \n
Hydraulic oil with a base of polyalphaolefin (PAO). Hydraulic oil quickly and Easily biodegrable \n
in accordance with a CEC-L-33A-93 \n
Benefits \n
Drain intervals greatly prolonged if the maintenance has been correctly (according to the analyses of oils performed regularly) \n
Excellent characteristics at high and low temperatures \n
Possibility of optimized filtration \n
Reduced air intake \n
better air clearance \n
Reduced foam formation \n
Compatibility with elastomer and comparable with minerals oils \n
Hydrolytic stability seems to minerals oils \n
No technical defaults in case of involuntary mixing with minerals oil \n
Hydraulic oils Liebherr Plus can without problems to mix with mineral oil Liebherr \n
Hydraulic 37. The mixing of hydraulic oil Liebherr Plus and mineral oil obtained can be considered as bio ifthe Content with mineral oil is not higher than 2% \n
Centralized lubrification crown gear and bearing 1 \n
Electric pump for fuel 1 \n
Filtration hydraulic oil 1 \n
Additional safety kits \n
limit switch down 3 turns 2 \n
The Litronic system avoids the unwinding of the last three turns of the winch neutralizing the movement of the winch \n
Electric end position of lifting high position installed on the arrowhead \n
including the connection cable 2 \n
Walkway and handrail on turret \n
pliable for the transport. 1 \n
Walkway on cabin with handrail \n
pliable for the transport 1 \n
Handrail on turret \n
pliable 1 \n
Driver comfort \n
Air-contionning \n
Machine in very good condition \n
Breite Straße 4, Lemgo - 32657 Bingen am Rhein, Germania (Germania)

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